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Challenging assumptions
Challenging Assumptions: From Bigstock Photo

If you ask one thousand children what they want to be when they grow up I can guarantee that not one child will say “I want to be a salesman (or woman).

The Stereotypical Salesperson

When you read my title your first thought was probably: “no one loves being a salesperson.” If you…

And How to Easily Fix It Without Medicare for All

I am writing this article because I have been a health insurance agent since the nineteen-eighties, and I am thoroughly disgusted with our system of providing healthcare. The United States has great healthcare if you can afford it. Sadly, too many people cannot afford medical care. …

According to a 2019 Commonwealth study, 85% of insured Americans are satisfied with their health insurance. But when these same Americans use their health insurance, a different story emerges.

According to a 2019 study by the Kaiser Family Foundation half of all Americans stated that they or a family member…

Mel Schlesinger

Planning to Head Into Retirement

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